Tools of the Trade

1                                         Tools of the trade:

         / petits outils necessaires pour le reglage de votre Corvair:

these are some of the tools I highly recommend you invest in for the maintenance of your Vair;

you can easily find them anywhere, and they are not expensive:

A-timing light, you always hook it up to number 1 spark plug wire to set your timing, normally comes with instructions...

B-dwell meter, dang, this gizmo sure makes things easy when you want to check your voltage, your rpm, set the dwell/set your points, normally at 30 to 31 degrees. You can set them by yourself by using a remote ignition, that will allow you to spin your engine when you set the dwell.

C-carburetor synchronizer   will allow to set your carburetors the correct way, without guessing and wasting time. Don't forget to disconnect the clip that secures the little arm connected to the carburetor crossover linkage on the driver side. I know that many guys out there like to build their own devices, like a plastic bottle with water and a vacuum hose, what the hell, are we smoking grass, or what, LOL?? Don't be cheap and get the right tools, available in our store, under "tools".

For more tune-up details and for more specifications, refer to your Corvair shop manual, it is the Bible for Vairs....I strongly recommend to get one, and they are available for sale as well , go to the 'manual and posters" section....

all right, peace out, and I know you can do it!

 If not, don't hesitate to give me a call at 918-753-2486.




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