Starter trouble shooting:

14- Starter trouble shooting:

for aftermarket high performance starters & stock Corvair starters.

+++High performance starter: one of the best upgrades for your ride, much lighter than stock ons and more reliable; you can find them for sale in my "alternators and starters" page, part # RAS25, along with the special plug diode #RAS200 that is recommended to use with this upgrade.

Above you see the unit.

Here is the pic of the special plug, 2-in-1, comes with 2 wires, red and black; you will need to follow the color codes as shown to connect to your existing starter mini harness: black to purple, and red to yellow; these are the colors if you are running the correct harness; otherwise, if you have non-original colors, you need to trouble shoot by connecting and see which way works. To avoid issues with starter, I highly recommend getting the plug.

+++Stock starters:

I often get asked about the correct wiring/ connections of the Corvair starter to the back of the solenoid, so here are some pix to show you how it is done.

1961-69 starter type, rear view; note that the thick purple wire faces down, and the thin wire (could be yellow as in this pic, or other color) faces up, to the top. Normally, all the mini harnesses that connect to the back of the starter come with the thick purple wire, the skinny one can be solid yellow, or black with a yellow stripe. Make sure that you have a good ground in your battery, and that your battery connectors are clean. Dirty connectors can make it hard to start.

1961-69 starter style, front view.

1960 starter nose cone, that is the only difference between the 61-9 style and the 1960 style.

Above are the correct bolts to secure your starter, they are Corvair specific,

they are regular Grade 5 bolts, 2 1/4 length, and don't forget the lock washer,

all found at your local hardware store. Bolts don't need to be torqued , you can tighten them with a regular wrench.




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