Repairing broken or stripped stud in engine block

  5                  Repairing broken or stripped stud in engine block:

In this case, the stud snapped right above the block surface, making it impossible to extract it. For some reason, this broken stud was real hard to drill, even with high quality drill bits. I was not about to replace the whole block, as the engine was already mostly put together, so what to do? At the shop, I am able to use a torch and gently, I heated up the broken stud and melted most of it, keeping it red hot, I was able to punch out what was left with a chisel and a hammer.

From there, I used a special tapping kit, that is available for rental on the "tool rental" page, and was able to drill, flare, re-tap, put a new insert, and install a good used stud: problem fixed, time and money saved. I can do this for your engine when there is a similar issue with broken studs, stripped holes, worn-out threads, etc... or you might be able to do-it-yourself, taking your time, and using the right tools... I know some of you will say it is easier to just replace the block; in this situation, I didn't have a spare block and was on a tight schedule; waiting for a block to arrive would take too long, I was able to do this in a couple of hours. Dang, having the right tools sure makes things easy! Check pix for work being done, easy fix.

broken piece has been hammered away


drilled and cleaned, ready for flaring.


flared and ready for tapping.


tapping in session


insert successfully installed.

it is a good idea to add some lock-tie to the insert


Job done... Damn, I'm good!

I know you can do it too, with patience and common sense, don't let anybody tell you otherwise!



The right kit for the right job, you can rent it and do it yourself

available on the "tool rental" page of the shopping cart.

Don't hesitate to call me at 918-753-2486 with any questions you might have.

Fix it and put it back on the road, where it belongs!




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