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                                                                                                                                                                                                                          At Corvair1 , we take pride in quality workmanship. Rafee brings two decades of experience, his love of the Corvair Automobile, his dedication & Personal Touch to every endeavor, with customer satisfaction always a priority.


Don't sweat it, Rafee got you covered!


New porch recently added to the shop to protect your Vair from the elements


So don't sweat it, I will treat your ride as I treat mine... and that's a lot of love!

We specialize in complete restorations, repairs & installations of all levels: here is an example of a complete restoration in progress...many times, you don't need to get so involved to restore your ride; in this case, it was necessary due to many layers of paint , and many body flaws needing correction.This baby is gonna look sick when I get done with it! I love my job!!!


   1960-69 Carburetor rebuilding service by Rafman:

If you are looking to have your carburetors professionally rebuilt, primaries and secondaries, you came to the right place, the Rafman is the ultimate Carburetor Man! I have rebuilt so many, I lost count, all years, all models. The work is pretty detailed and involves: taking them apart, ultrasonic cleaning and media blasting if necessary, inspecting them to make sure they are complete and all parts are correct for that specific year. If any parts are missing or broken, don't worry, we can supply some new or good used ones. We will then re-assemble with a new throttle shaft, new choke pull-off, vacuum hose and rubber cap for the driver side carb., new stone filter and a complete new carburetor kit, new viton needle and seat assembly, new jet, upgrade to a size 51 for better performance. Other sizes available upon request.Then, we will test them in an engine at the shop to make sure everything is working properly, and semi-synchronize them. The only way to synchronize the carbs is by putting them in an engine, it is not possible to do it otherwise (like others claim). I am the only one in the Corvair Universe, LOL!, doing this. The reason we started taking this extra step a while back is that we were running into some problems with carburetors that had been rebuilt, the job was done right, but when installed, they would not perform properly. It's easy to forget that these carburetors are 50 some years old, sometimes, even if the unit looks fine, and after rebuilding and cleaning, the carburetor can just be worn-out and still not work right. So that is why we are taking this extra step at Rafee Corvair,that no other shop does. It will make it a snap for you to install them in your ride, confident that they are ready to work. Sometimes, you might need to re-synchronize to your liking, as each engine is slightly different. I highly recommend owning a synchronizer tool, affordable and east to use, available in the tool or fuel system section. So don't hesitate to call us at 918-413-1548 for cost and time estimate. For those of you on a budget, Rafman got a "Saver" plan, I know it can be hard sometimes to get your ride going, so talk to me, we will do our best to hook you up with a good deal! Most of the time, I prefer to rebuild your own carburetors. If I have to supply them, I can supply them too.  Here are some pix of carburetor work.


Per customer request...dang! they look good!


As you can see in this carburetor, fuel turned gunky and sticky after a while, sitting for several years! it is not a good idea to let your car sit for a long time... So, crank your ride once in a while, and don't forget to put some stabilizer additive in your fuel, that will eliminate problems.




Here is an example of the condition of the carburetors I often get for rebuild... Com'on, Peeps, Vairs don't run on water, LOL!

This is basic rebuilding, if you want something fancier, we can do it for you.


                                                   Engine Rebuilding

 When Rafee works on an engine, it is not merely to make it run, Rafee takes it a step beyond to what could be called an art form. A totally involving process that is very labor intensive, assembling and detailing an engine is one of Rafee's favorite moments and highest level of skill. Many work on engines, but a select few can do it right. Rafee stands behind his work not 100%, but 200 %. If you would like to discuss what Rafee can do for your Corvair,you can call direct at 918-413-1548.

Here is a list of what is included in the engine rebuild, from 80 HP, 95 HP, 110 HP, 140 HP, 150 HP Turbo to 180 HP Turbo, can be stock or upgraded; specifics and upgrades to be discussed with each client.

- dis-assemble engine completely, inspect, clean all parts; if it is a 1960-64 engine, after cleaning sheet metal/ shrouds, straightening etc, will spray all sheet metal in black satin paint and install new engine to body seals. If it is a 1965 to 69 engine, will only spray paint shrouds, seals not included.

- a pair of rebuilt heads, completely cleaned, inspected, media blasted, de-flashed for better cooling; new seats, deeper and wider for better performance; new stainless steel exhaust valves, new steel 1 intake valves and teflon seals;  new  bronze guides; re-surface and valve job; new heavy duty valve springs.

- re-bored cylinders; rebuilt connecting rods; new pistons, premium cast, in a variety of sizes, from standard to .070; upgrade to forged pistons available.

- new cam, for stock engines, I use a 260 cam, an upgrade from the stock one, nice and smooth; bigger sizes available upon request, 270 or 280;  new cam gear, stock; upgrade to high performance cam gear available at an extra charge; Woodruff key and cam washer.

- rebuilt crank, polished, ground if needed, chamfer, with new gear.

- new main and rod bearings, can be size standard or .010.

- new set of piston rings, Hastings, in cast iron.; upgrade to Molly or chrome available at an extra charge.

- new heavy duty push rods with hardened tip, rocker arm nuts and grooved rocker arm balls for better lubrication, new heavy duty deep dimple lifters for better performance;

- new oil pump with a new heavy duty oil pressure spring.

- rebuilt harmonic balancer, for later engines.

- rebuilt top blower housing with a new bearing.

- rebuilt idle pulley with a new bearing.

- new fan belt, spark plugs, spark plug wires in 7 mm, black, blue or red; upgrade to 8 mm wires in avariety of colors available.

- rebuilt distributor and new vacuum advance; if it is a Turbo, I will re-use the existing vacuum advance if still good, as Turbo vacuum advance is really hard to come by.

- rebuilt point plate, high performance; points and condenser, rotor, lead wire and grommet, distributor cap, all new parts.

- complete engine gasket set with copper gaskets and viton o rings and seals.

- new oil filter and oil, new oil pressure switch, new bypass valve, grommets, and mini-harness; new head temperature sensor;

- new stock coil; upgrade to MSD available.

Don't hesitate to give me a call at 918-413-1548 to discuss what you would like to have done to your engine. Engine balancing and nitrated crank are available upon request.

                             140 HP slightly modified, daily driver



                          65 with a 140 HP PG modified, with a kick & some single chrome top air cleaners



                         63 Ragtop with a 180 HP Turbo upgraded, dang!


            My pal Napash keeping your engine safe, LOL!


Stock 64 Turbo, yes, I can do stock too, LOL!
Here is another example of what we can do for you, a 1960 engine before upgrade.....and below, you see the difference, upgraded with 102 heads, and other modifications, as per client's request, for better performance. I know that many of you prefer to keep the stock look, and we can do that too.
Transformation complete, 60 with a kick!!
         Getting hooked up with some powder shrouds and bling! ready for the show
We carry 8 mm spark plug wires in a variety of colors, and some chrome accessories, some powder-coated, special orders available upon request.
                           Looking for performance: Rafee can do it: 110 to 140 transformation:
A client brought his 1965 500 to the shop, looking for some upgrades to his ride. Originally, the car was a 110 HP with a 3-speed manual transmission, regular dash from the factory. We decided on converting his engine to a 140 HP for better performance, nothing too radical, as he wants to be able to drive his ride everywhere without the extra tuning a more customized car would require. I went through the whole engine, we added a hotter cam (270 Isky, a very versatile choice), bigger pistons (size .040) and balanced rods. In this case, the customer supplied the modified heads (most of the time, I provide this service). We upgraded from a light duty clutch system to a heavy duty one for better grip;swapped the 3-speed junky transmission for a 4-speed one; added a dual exhaust system; switched the shifter to a Corsa one with a nice chrome handle; replaced the original dash with a Corsa one; added an electric fuel pump to eliminate vapor locking and possible leaking fuel to the crankcase; and other miscellaneous cosmetic improvements, such as powder-coated shrouds and alternator with internal regulator, and some bling. We also detailed the engine compartment and added some finishing touches. Turned out to be quite a project, but it was a lot fun doing it!
If you are looking for someone to take over your project, or have something similar done to your ride, Rafee can do it. So don't hesitate to give us a call at 918-413-1548, or send us an e-mail.
See how a few modifications can turn your ride into a BADAZZ!
Damn, I love my job... I am the Picasso of Vairs.......
that was before, sucky, quack!
Almost done...
                    Repairing broken or stripped stud in engine block:

 In this case, the stud snapped right above the block surface, making it impossible to extract it. For some reason, this broken stud was real hard to drill, even with high quality drill bits. I was not about to replace the whole block, as the engine was already mostly put together, so what to do? At the shop, I am able to use a torch and gently, I heated up the broken stud and melted most of it, keeping it red hot, I was able to punch out what was left with a chisel and a hammer. From there, I used a special tapping kit, that is available for rental on the "tool rental" page, and was able to drill, flare, re-tap, put a new insert, and install a good used stud: problem fixed, time and money saved. I can do this for your engine when there is a similar issue with broken studs, stripped holes, worn-out threads, etc... or you might be able to do-it-yourself, taking your time, and using the right tools... I know some of you will say it is easier to just replace the block; in this situation, I didn't have a spare block and was on a tight schedule; waiting for a block to arrive would take too long, I was able to do this in a couple of hours. Dang, having the right tools sure makes things easy! Check pix for work being done, easy fix.

broken piece has been hammered away.

drilled and cleaned, ready for flaring.

flared and ready for tapping.

tapping in session.

Insert successfully installed.

It is a good idea to add some lock-tie to the insert.

Job done... damn, I'm good

I know you can do it too, with patience and common sense, don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

The right kit for the right job, you can rent it and do it yourself

available on the "tool rental" page of the shopping cart.

Don't hesitate to call me at 918-413-1548 with any questions you might have.

Fix it and put it back on the road, where it belongs!

                                            Head Rebuilding : 
Our head rebuilding service includes de-assembly, inspection, cleaning, sandblasting, installing new seats, deeper and wider for better performance, new guides, valves, valve springs, a valve job & re-surfacing .Complete port heads available. If the rails need to be re-surfaced, we can provide it,it will give a better seal when installing stock ,and especially aluminum valve covers. If there are any stripped spark plug holes, we can install inserts if possible, or re-weld. Heads will look spanking new.
140 HP rebuilt heads, another view, job comes with a 1-year warranty.
Spark plug hole has been welded & re-tapped, looks awesome! 
Here is a head with a broken fin, before repair.....
And now, after welding and repair, we were able to save this head!
Dang, it looks good!
Dropped seats can be repaired, as long as the hole is not too extensive....often, people keep driving the car after they know something is wrong with the engine, ie missing, sputtering, etc.......that can cause irreparable damage.....if you experience some kind of engine malfunction, stop driving, have your car towed....doesn't mean it is a dropped seat, but it will probably save you save you money on repairs.....
  custom wheels and disc brakes 
                           1960-69 aftermarket light weight dual exhaust installation:
Looking to gain performance? Rafee can do it by replacing those bulky and heavy stock mufflers that restrict the air flow with new, light weight performance mufflers at a reasonable price. Can be a dual or single set-up. If you prefer to do it yourself, we  offer this kit for sale, refer to "exhaust system".Here is a sound sample of the system installed.
60-9 rods rebuilding:
process: cleaning, sandblasting, checking each rod for any bend or damage, and resizing to factory specifications. We also offer balanced and lightened rods & Magnaflux rods,ARP high performance connecting rod bolts .

Other services offered at Corvair1 : 

 Custom Exhaust   -  Stock Exhaust     -  Engine degreasing 

 Differentials  - Transmissions - Carburetors/turbo carbs.

 Suspensions -  Steering Boxes  - Aftermarket seats

 Interior - Convertible top installation -  Powder coating

 Lightened Flywheels  - Crankshaft  -Turbo charge 

 Electrical Troubleshooting 




                             cam gear installation:

Rafee takes the guess work out by doing it right the first time. Whether you are replacing a worn-out gear by a new stock one or upgrading to a high performance cam gear, we can do it. For a low cost, with the purchase of a new or reground camshaft and a stock cam gear, Rafee will install it, see REN188. The process for the failsafe cam gear is more labor intensive and the charge for that is a little higher, see REN189. We also remove and re-install pistons and rods, call for pricing.

Failsafe cam gear installation, see REN189 in "engine parts".

Stock cam gear installation, see REN188 in 'engine parts".





Rafee Corvair is committed to providing the highest level of service for the best value.


                         60-64 Rebuilt  Rear Axle Bearings, cars & F/C.

The process  involves several steps: dis-assembly, thorough cleaning, inspecting all parts, selecting the best ones, re-assembly using the proper shims to specifications. All work done & tested by Rafee in the shop & up and down the roads in his own cars. Rafee puts everything to the test behind the wheel, so you can rest assured that the products do work.




Welcome to our online store. We're adding new products on a regular basis. We carry thousands of new, used and some NOS parts, too many to list. If you don't see what you are looking for, don't hesitate to call us at 918-413-1548, or click on the e-mail link above. We do ship worldwide, and will be glad to get a quote for you, just e-mail your list. We will also be glad to answer any questions you might have about your Vair, and help you get your ride back on the road, where it belongs! Happy to be at your service!

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