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How is it going Corvair Peeps? Rafee here in the Heartland. I thought I'd give you a little background  information about myself. Since I was a little kid, I've  had a fascination with cars, particularly classic American cars. One of my favorite TV shows was " the Dukes of Hazzard ", it still is,  I dig the jumping and the chases, what an awesome show !My dream back then was to own a couple of Chargers and restore them . Indeed, I later got to enjoy driving two of those fast machines, I had a 69, and a 72 charger, as well as other Dodges. I have been driving  classic cars since the age of fifteen. My first encounter with the Corvair, in the late 80's, was a 62 Coupe that was passed down to me. The car picked my curiosity. I went on to study as much as I could about the Corvair car and the weird little engine in the rear.

That's my favorite girl with her new 16" wheels, dig the new look, it suits me better, nice sporty look... dang!


I have worked in two Corvair shops, stripping cars, dismantling them, putting parts away but, in spite of my desire, I was not allowed to learn to work on cars at the beginning, my employers did not want to give me a chance. That motivated me even more, and I took every opportunity to observe and learn from others, including from their mistakes. I studied the original manuals. I worked on my own car, always trying to find a way to keep it running, and running better, even on a tight budget.By that time, I was hooked on Corvairs! Years of hard work paid off, even the hard labor of chopping cars,sorting parts & putting up with B.S, taught me a lot, more than my employers realized. Many of those cocky mechanics are no longer employed in the trade, who knows what happened to them, and, frankly, who cares, haters! I sold my 62 , now I have a personal collection of several Corvairs, you can see some pictures below, and an awesome prosperous businessI have been in business for myself since 1999, reaching an ever increasing number of clients all over the United States, and abroad. In 2005, I decided to relocate my operation to the Heartland of the USA in Oklahoma. I left Southern Kali with all my Vairs, see pix of their arrival to their new location. My goal is to keep the Corvair alive and thriving for many years to come, not only by maintaining it but also by improving it and adapting it to the times. My knowledge of Corvairs allows me to modify them in many different ways depending on what the client is looking for. When supplying parts, I can provide expert tips and guidance that only hands-on experience can teach.For me, working on Corvairs is such a JOY that I made it my life's work and treat it as an art form. What pride to drive a hooked-up reliable Corvair! As long as there is one Corvair on the road, Rafee Corvair will be here!! So, keep them rolling, peace out !

Me and a friend at the Hackett car show, awesome!


needed to replace my farm truck, what could be better and more fun than a Vair?

The Rampy had been sitting for several years since I brought it along from Cali.

Decided to go ahead and bring it back to life, actually it's great for loading feed, wood, rocks, tools...the side ramp was such a cool idea, makes it easy for one person to do the job... so, went ahead and built a 110 HP modified with a heavy-duty clutch system, front disc brakes that I did install in California,upgraded 64 shifter for faster response (removed the ugly funky 61 that used to curve under the seat, what a weird design that was, easy to miss shift, not anymore), and many other upgrades... this baby kicks ass! Now I can go back to terrorizing the cows...





She's back... ready for action!

Rafman and best friend, enjoying another awesome day in the Heartland!


Here are some of my rides, that I am proud to own, and drive every chance I get.

64 ragtop Spyder, passed to me over 12 years ago from a friend in Cali. Wherever you are Sean, I hope you're doing great, keep in touch. Originally a Turbo,switched over to a 140 HP, has undergone a complete restoration with many upgrades. Damn, I dig my ragtop !

That was me in a 65 4-door, 2 speed powerglide with a kick,
following the posse, on a 1700 mile trail ! Giddy up !
a fun memory we will never forget.
Me Frenchy!

65 140 HP, 4-door PG, in Paris...Arkansas! Sweet ride!


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