Installation of Rafman's chrome top air cleaners

  3            Installation of Rafman's chrome top air cleaners:


/ installation des filtres a air avec dessus chrome

before installing the air cleaners, you must try the fit on top of the carburetor, so you can notch them in the right place; use cutters, blade or knife; as you can see in the pic,when you are done notching, they will slide easily over the ears of the carburetor. You might need to slightly bend the side arm of the carburetor crossover linkage, to obtain better clearance for the air cleaner.

Job done, air cleaner has been notched, ready for installation.

Air cleaners in place, dang, looks good!

The small red air cleaner you see on top of the shroud is a mock air cleaner for looks.

In this engine, we have installed a 1960-61 breather tube/ draft tube/ vent tube facing down to the earth, this will help minimize the amount of fumes going back to the cabin, if your heater is connected.


In this conversion, we decided to keep the original breather tube and put a small air cleaner/ mock air cleaner on top of the breather tube, the tube that used to go under the original air cleaner housing. If you are running your heater with this set-up, you might experience some fumes in the cabin when running the heater, that is the drawback of using this set-up, and why , myself, I always run the 60-61 breather tube/ draft tube as explained above. This will work and be easier to do, for those who don't want to remove the top shroud and do the conversion. Don't hesitate to give me a call at 918-753-2486 if you have any questions about this. In addition to the chrome top air cleaners, we also carry the 1960-61 breather tube in our shopping selection, under "used parts".

140 HP engine in a 1965-69, view of the 4 air cleaner set-up.

140 HP engine in a 1961-64 Ragtop, view of the 4 air cleaner set-up.




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