Installation of push rod tube o'rings

  4                    installation of push rod tube o'rings:

all right, week-end warriors, let's do it: if you are replacing only push rod tube o rings and rocker arms stud o rings, there is no needed to loosen all the nuts in the head, only the lower rocker arm studs; it is a good idea to soak your o rings in tranny oil (motor oil will work also, if you do not have any transmission oil handy) for easy installation; only a short soak is needed, you can do it while you remove your tubes; in order to remove the tubes, you need to remove the rocker arms, that requires you to remove all the rocker arm nuts (using a 5/8" socket) and then the rocker arm studs (using a 13/16" socket); make sure your tubes are clean.

install the outer o ring first; insert the tube through the hole in the head (remember hold it from the flared end to insert) , and then install the inner o ring.

set the tube in place and using a 5/8" socket push it in with your palm.

If you cannot push it in with your palm, use a small hammer and gently tap it in until it is in place.

Piece of cake! make sure the rocker arm stud o rings are also lubricated prior to installation; don't forget the horseshoe design/stamping in the plate should be facing you. Above pic shows a rear view of the installation of the o ring and the rocker arm studs.

Note: trying to insert the push rod tube through the hole in the head, with the inner o ring already installed is not a good idea, you can easily damage the o ring, or bend the lip of the tube, so don't try to cut corners, do it right the first time!

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