Fuel Pump Installation

  9                                    fuel pump installation :


1965-69 belly.


Belly of the 1965-69 model.
This is the belly of the early model 1964.


 To install an electric fuel pump, first of all, you want to disconnect your battery for safety; you are going to need a fuel pump aluminum plug, and a fitting, both available in the "fuel system" section .Check pix of engine compartment below . For the ground wire, you can use the bolt that secures the fuel pump against the frame. For the hot wire, you can run it behind the gas tank and insert through  the speedometer cable grommet, run it all the way to the fuse box, find a fuse that is going to be on when the ignition is on. Connect the hot wire to this fuse, so that the fuel pump will turn on when you start the car, and off when you shut it off. I know that many Corvair owners install the electric fuel pump a little differently, but this is the way I do it here in the shop, I find it easy and reliable. Note : you might not be able to listen to the radio,when the car is in "park", because the fuel pump will still be on. I will post more details about that soon.

above, you see the fitting already installed, it replaces the outlet tube that used to connect to the stock fuel pump.

Brass fitting and aluminum fuel pump plug and o'ring available in " fuel System" category.


All right, there it is: some different ways to run your fuel lines.
Here are some more pix showing you where to cut and connect hoses....
Here it is: pic of before the conversion, you see the stock fuel pump and the way it is connected.
Here, I have already removed the stock pump and the "T"/ brass fitting ,
and I am ready to cut the fuel line before it curves.
Elbow already cut, as you can see....
Fuel lines attached to the brass fitting that you already have....
you also see the other fitting that you will need to connect the main line (that used to connect to the stock fuel pump).
The fitting is available for sale under "fuel system".
Here is the job done...You will also need an aluminum fuel pump plug and o ring, to plug the hole where the original fuel pump used to go, this plug is available under "fuel system"; you see it here already in place...
Don't hesitate to e-mail or call 918-413-1548 if you run into some problems trying to do this conversion... but I am pretty sure you won't if you follow these easy steps...


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