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For those who are afraid to do it themselves, easy to understand help:fleurdelys_02

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, you can do it, we are not talking rocket science, just regular no-nonsense mechanical work, that might require a little elbow grease. Don't forget to follow some basic safety precautions when working, such as put jack stands in addition to the jack when under the car, wear eye protection when drilling or screwing ( no, no that kind), disconnect battery if you are doing electrical, don't smoke around fuel and chemicals (that can be later ), use proper light so you can see what you are doing, consulting the shop manual will help in many things ,etc... SAFETY COMES FIRST.



Just check the pix, they will give some basic guidance and ideas . Feel free to call me at 918-413-1548 with any questions you might have, or to e-mail, click here

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  1. Tools of the Trade
  2. Converting from Generator to Alternator
  3. Installation of Rafman's chrome top air cleaners
  4. Installation of push rod tube o'rings
  5. Repairing broken or stripped stud in engine block
  6. Installation of rear strut rod bushings
  7. 60-64 body to engine seals installation
  8. Don't be cheap, pump the right gas & avoid a trip to a mechanic
  9. Fuel Pump Installation
  10. Selecting the correct aftermarket battery for your 1960-64 Vair
  11. Greasing the axle bearing in a 1960-64, without pressing the bearing out of the axle
  12. Adjusting valves in your Vair the easy way
  13. What type of oil should I use?
  14. Starter trouble shooting



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