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 Corvair1 in the Heartland of the USA. tel: 918-413-1548, or e-mail.



+++New at Rafee Corvair: a line of gear, starting with some beenies, and soon to add hats, polo shirts for men and ladies...available for sale , under "gear"....or might just receive one as a gift when placing a good order....


++++Upcoming show: Fall foliage festival at Robbers cave, OK, just outside of Wilburton, Saturday, October 21, 2017. We hope you join us for this awesome show ! For more info, you can call Rafman at 918-753-2486, or e-mail; I can hardly wait for this big event; in the meantime, here are some pix from a couple of years ago....500+ cars in attendance.

++++Upcoming show: Talihina Fall festival, Saturday, October 28st, 2017.

+++++Corvair1 conquering the world: a shipment of parts arrived safely in Thailand, where Anantroj and his son are working on this sweet Vair. Whoo-hoo! We ship all over the planet, don't worry about it , we got you covered.

 +++++In memory of Michael, he was a Corvair enthusiast here in Oklahoma, I got the pleasure to meet him several times, a real nice lad....


+++++Clayton Memorial car show, 05/26/2012, rural Heartland: small but awesome little show, a combination or car show and horse riders, runners...We also enjoyed the drive to the show, from there we looped around in the countryside, on this beautiful day, almost summer! enjoy the pix!


Frenchy with her racing jacket, ready to break some speed records, LOL!

Rides & Riders!



Twins from 1969, reminds me of "Twins", LOL!


Clean ragtop....


and til the next show!!!! On vous verra au prochain Show....

+++++First snow today in the Heartland! got up this morning to an awesome light blanket of snow, we dig it!



+++++ Open show at Ben Geren Park in Fort Smith, AR:

Next to our 64 were some custom low-rider bikes

build by a local disabled young man, real cool stuff!

Confederate Rat Rod!

We did say open to all, but we did not expect this motorized cooler!

Sweet line-up!


Frenchy showing off one the benches made by a local American Indian artist,

all hand crafted cedar bench, very nicely done!



++++First car show of the year, Hackett, AR: ++++Hackett, AR: Car Show & Poker run

st car showf the year,we had a bl

awesome rides!

Frenchy proudly displaying the door prize: some more cleaning goodies for the rides, yooo-hooo! As usual, we were the only Corvair, and we got all the looks!

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.....


I spotted this ride, one of my favorites besides the vairs...

had to pose for this one... LOL

here is one of the local dirt track racers... sweet ride


+++R.I.P my friend Stripe:

++++RR.I.P my friend Strip

recently, we lost little Stripe, he went out for a walk & never returned;we miss him a lot, he was a good lad, loved to pose with the Vairs, he was a natural....

+++Past Talihina fall festival and car shows: we never miss this local favorite, always a lot of fun, arts and crafts, wine tasting, live music, and car show by the school. It is always takes place the last Saturday of October, if you want to join us next year. For more info, you can call us at 918-413-1548, e-mail, or contact the Talihina city hall.

I and Frenchy enjoying another awesome day at the Talihina car show!

The Batmobile from Mc Alester, cool ride!

Cool bug!

This show turned out to be awesome! Keep them rolling, peace out!

 +++Grandpa's last hunt:

Johnny's last hunt, he's getting too tired for this; Johnny's been part of the family for 13+ years, I remember to this day when he came to the shop out of nowhere, with a chewed up rope around his neck, looking real tough. Whoever had him used to keep him tied up, seemed he didn't like that, loved to run around and terrorize the cats and the other dogs. I kinda felt bad for him and fed him once, he took off, the next day when I came back, he was under one of the cars. I guess he figured out he found a friend, no more rope around the neck, and not too many rules to follow. Pretty soon, he decided to stay, many times though he would still wander, and when he wouldn't come back, I knew he was locked up. I had to bail him out many, many times. He loved his freedom so much, he would even climb fences to do his thing. A couple of years ago, he survived a severe wound to his neck, inflicted by a wild pig, I thought I was gonna loose him, but he is a tough boy, he made it... now retired from action, his pleasures are eating and sleeping, and an occasional Frankenstein walk... still my good pal.


+++past Fall Foliage festival & Classic car show, October, Robbers'cave, OK: this was our 4 th time at this awesome car show, as usual we had a blast, there were well over 400 Classic rides. There was live Country music, iron workers, ropers, crafts, rides for the kids, campers, fishing, lots of bikers, pedal boaters, plenty of food like Indian tacos, funnel cakes, BBQ, fresh pizza cooked in a mobile brick oven, turkey legs (sucked this year, weren't cooked all the way)... and for the FIRST TIME, 2 Corvairs, one wanna-be Batmobile, and Rafman & Frenchy's 64. far out! Hope to see you VAIR next year! Enjoy the pix.

The 64 in a new spot by the lake.

Awesome Rat Rod!

61 4-door "babybat", got its small wings...I dig what people do to their rides... lots of fun...

Pontoon-mobile, another crazy custom ride...If can't sail, drive it!

Dang, someone's hungry... believe it or not, this dude waited about 30 mn to get his fries...Whoo-hoo!

+++Rafman at several different car shows/swap meets around the country:

Nationals in Flagstaff, Arizona... show was awesome

Saint George Utah: show and swap meet, got to meet a lot of cool people & enjoyed the rides!

Santa Maria, California: me and best pal enjoying a beautiful day and making $$, woo-hoo!


+++New update: our friend Michel from The Chevrolet Corvair Club de Paris (Paris France, not Texas) imitating Rafman while restoring some Panhards, french Classics from the 60's, his second favorite cars after the Corvairs. You be the judge! Michel imitant Rafee, Rafee ne peut pas faire les Panhards sont super.


Michel showing his muscles, pardon MICHMAN en action... what a strong dude! LOL


Rafman can't compete with the Frenchy!


French countryside: our future home??.......

La campagne en Haute-Saone, le site de notre prochaine demeure???


Yeah, finally, new back porch at the shop to accommodate more Vairs....

New porch, new security guard, yeah!

Nouveau porche arriere pour vos Corvairs, et nouveau chef de securitee......

Winter at the shop, chilly!

 Former Chief of security , Napash..

caught on a rare break...we miss you, lad!






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