Converting from Generator to Alternator

   2        Converting from generator to alternator with internal regulator for all years:

a-1965-69 conversion :

All right, before you start the job, disconnect your battery for safety and avoiding damage to the unit, that would void your warranty; start by removing your old alternator with an external regulator, and install the new unit with internal regulator. Insert the new plug/ pigtail, this pigtail has 2 color wires, a red one and a white one: you need to cut your old plug, exposing the 2 original wires in your engine harness: those wires will be 1 blue and 1 white one.

The white one will go to the red one of the pigtail, and the blue one to the white one of the pigtail.

The red 10 gauge wire will go to the back of the alternator, as photo shows, voila!

Next step: remove your plug/ connector from your old voltage regulator and jump it as photo shows. Dang!! we are done, I knew you could it, don't hesitate to call me at 918-413-1548 if you have any questions about this installation.

Job completed, in a different late model engine!

b- 1960-64 conversion:

                 conversion de generateur a alternateur avec regulateur interne

stock engine with generator, prior to conversion.

(Don't forget to disconnect your battery before starting work)

moteur d'origine avec generateur, avant la conversion.

(N'oubliez pas de deconnecter la batterie avant de commencer le travail)

all right, after replacing the old generator bracket with the new 65-9 alternator bracket and having the alternator in place, you will connect the pig tail as shown in the photo.... the red wire will go to the back of the alternator, the white wire is going to connect to the brown wire.....You can clip the pre-existing blue wire, you don't need it anymore.

Next step: you will run a 10 gauge wire from the back of the alternator to the positive pole of the battery for the charge.

Dang, those instructions are easy!

(recipe from my grandma, LOL!)

version francaise: remplacer le support du generateur par le support d'alternateur 1965-69; etablir les connexions comme sur la photo: le fils rouge va a l'arriere de l'alternateur, le fils blanc va etre mis en contact avec le fils brun. Coupez le fils bleu, vous n'en avez plu besoin. Installez un fils taille 10 de l'arriere de l'aternateur au pole positif de la batterie.

Removing your existing voltage regulator is the last step, it is no longer needed.

Enlevez the regulateur de voltage, vous n'en avez plus besoin.

As I was saying previously, you don't need the blue wire anymore, that was the bottom one in case it is faded, like on the photo. Disconnect the middle brown wire from the voltage regulator, you need to keep the 2 wires together as they are, you can cut the existing connector and put a straight one so it looks better, when you tape the whole thing in your harness. Now, the top wire (that used to come from the firewall/main harness and connect to the voltage regulator then go to the positive side of the battery), disconnect it from the voltage regulator, splice it with a straight connector and run it to the positive side of the battery. VOILA!

Another photo showing the wiring.

Les connexions en place.

Job completed, travail fini, Rafman saved the day again!





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