Adjusting valves in your Vair the easy way

12-                   Adjusting valves in your Vair the easy way:
            Ajustement des valves de facon facile:



An easy way to adjust valves in your ride without making a big mess: prepare and split a stock valve cover in half, that will catch the oil ( if you need a used valve cover, check under used parts, we have them in stock, as well as many other gaskets to finish the job) .

A-If you are doing a maintenance valve adjustment, install your oil catchers on both sides and follow these steps:

1- let the engine warm up.

2- starting at either end, loosen the nut until the rocker arm starts clattering/ knocking/ ticking & let it do its thing for at least 15 seconds.

3- re-tighten until the clatter goes away & go 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Proceed in that manner until all valves are adjusted, and you are done.


B-If the engine is freshly rebuilt, you can do this 2 different ways:

Note: there is no need to prime lifters  before installing them.

1- cold, as outlined in the shop manual, or

2- with the engine running, as I prefer. Make sure all the rocker arms are tightened, but leave some small amount of play between the valve stems and the rocker arm tips, so the lifters can pump up; let it run for 30 mn, so the lifters can pump up/ fill with oil. Then start tightening 1 rocker arm at a time, starting at either end, until the clatter/ knocking of all 12 goes away. Now, start your adjustment at either end by loosening the nut again, 1 at a time, let the clatter re-appear for 15 seconds, then re-tighten until the clatter goes away, and go 1/2 turn. Proceed in that manner until done with all 12 rocker arms, and VOILA! I told you it was easy... If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to call Rafman at 918-413-1548. Happy to be at your service!





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