What type of oil should I use?

Regular oil changes are a critical part of maintaining your Vair at peak performance, so don't be lazy or cheap, don't skip this easy step.

Engine oil:

There are many types of engine oil on the market, and the issue can be confusing, if you browse certain Corvair Forums, you have noticed, no doubt. Many folks will voice an opinion based on their readings alone, myself I put these products to the test in my own rides, before I would even think of recommending them to anybody. I recommend using a good brand with zinc in it, and 10W-40 in hot weather (the summers in the Heartland can be brutally hot, so we sometimes use straight 40W)  or 10W-30 in mild or cold weather usually works well (Winter in the Heartland can bring freezing temperatures around 10 degrees or so, in our working Rampside farm truck, we use 10W-30, no problems). You will find a lot of literature these days about zinc additives, since new oils have been stripped of it; You can find some special oils containing zinc, there are more expensive, you can find them at your local Speed shop/ High performance Auto shop, or you can just use a zinc additive with your regular oil.

Transmission oil:

What we are using here at the shop for customers and in our personal rides is DexMerc transmission oil, you can find it at your local Autoparts.