Installation of rear strut rod bushings

  6                   installation of rear strut rod bushings:

these aftermarket bushings available today are slightly different from the originals, they have a steel shell and require some pressing into your strut rod. It is not an exact reproduction, but they work great. Check pix, I am trying to show an easy way to handle them. Don't hesitate to contact me at 918-753-2486 with any question you might have. They have been installed in my Vairs, as well as customers', we are really satisfied with the performance.

view of the undercarriage, showing the strut rods in place


view of the aftermarket bushing


before pressing the bushing, you will need to grind some off the 2 ends with a grinder

and clean around the inside when done, to have clearance to install the side washers.

grind only little at a time, and check the fit, to avoid over-grinding. then, press them in

with a press. You can do it!

We also offer this rebuilding service for those who prefer to have it done professionally.