Greasing the axle bearing in a 1960-64, no pressing out

11                Greasing your axle bearing in your 1960-64 ride, without pressing the bearing out of the axle:
For those who do not have a press and would like to re-grease their bearing,
you can use this method as long as your bearing is not totally worn-out and needs replacing.
The 1960-62 bearing housing is held together by 2 aluminum rivets that easily pop out with a small chisel & a hammer.
You can use brake cleaner or gasoline with a small brush to clean the bearing and the rest of the parts, then gently air dry the bearing, and when it is completely clean and dry, re-pack with some good new grease (don't be cheap, pick yourself a good grease, you are already saving $$ by doing this yourself!) don't overpack it; then put the housing  back together. If you don't have any rivets, you can still put it back, because the 4 nuts will secure the housing against the backing plate. Easy fix, voila!
For 1963-64, there will be a C-clip holding the bearing in 1 solid housing.
Proceed in a similar fashion, pix coming soon. Easy fix too.
Don't hesitate to call Rafee to the rescue at 918-413-1548
if you have any questions about doing this job.