Don't be cheap, pump the right gas & avoid a trip to a mechanic

   8                    Don't be cheap, pump the right gas & avoid a trip to a mechanic:

The correct gas is on the right, 91 octane or better.

This is a gasoline comparison: on the right, 91% Octane, the gas I pump in all my Vairs- or 93% if you can get it-, in the center jar, the local 87%, notice the color difference, the smell is also a lot weaker. Now on the left, you had this mystery liquid: recently removed out of a customer's gas tank. Complaint was car running very poorly, several people took a shot at it, trying to figure out the problem: they thought all kinds of different things: carburetion, valves needing adjustment, broken piston ring, out of timing... no one thought about the gas, but, believe it or not, that was the cause of the problems experienced by the client: namely car running poorly, doesn't want to stay running, smoking... It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that gas was the problem: flushed the gas tank, cleaned the carburetors and other minor things, and this ride was back on the road. The liquid in the tank was almost clear, did not even smell like gas, it looked like water, no wonder the car did not want to run!

Seriously, pumping the wrong gas, or trying to save at the pump will affect your performance, the car will run really bad.....your choice!