60-64 body to engine seals installation

     7              60-64 body to engine seals installation:

Installation of the engines seals on the side shrouds, quick method,

for those who don't care about originality, I found this method to be easy and fast.

You will need a drill and a drill bit size 5/32 and aluminum rivets size 5/32' in diameter,

all easy to find at your local auto parts/hardware store; before removing the original staples, you will need to drill, you can follow the original pattern of the staples as showing. You will do this to all 3 side shrouds, that will make for an easy installation of your seals. BANG!

Here is another view of the shrouds already prepared , ready for the engine seals to be installed.

Installing the seals, you will need this tool, a special riveting gun/pliers.

If you don't own one, check at your local Autozone or O'Reillys, they are good for loaning tools for free.

Already in place.

make sure you have enough overhang on the sides for a better seal.

Job done, I knew you could do it!